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Distance MBA education becomes easy 
  Author :  Admin Vidyarthy,Mumbai      Saturday, March 23, 2013  

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With advanced technology and the wide reach of the internet, Distance MBA education have become increasingly popular. Apart from that, there are a number of other factors that contribute towards the success of such courses, namely the flexibility it offers – both in terms of time as well as location. While Distance MBA is not what a full time MBA course is, it is still a great option for students who wish to pursue higher studies, but are unable to do so owing to various constraints.

Who should opt for Distance Learning MBA Programs/courses?

·         You can’t pursue a regular MBA course because you have a job

·         Regular MBA courses are out of budget for you

·         You like to make your own studying time-table

·         The B-School you wish to join is too far for you

If you are facing any of the above mentioned problems, and that is stopping you from achieving an MBA degree, then Distance MBA education is just the right thing for you. With Distance MBA courses you can study as and when you like, access study material whenever you want, and get your queries, doubts solved with ease. Distance MBA education not only teaches and trains you in every aspect like any full-time MBA course, but also gives you the freedom to pursue your MBA degree from your choice of institute.

Points to remember before applying for Distance MBA education/courses

Just because it is Distance MBA does not mean that it can be done easily. The nature of projects and assignments is at par with any regular MBA course. A student has to be ready to dedicate time for making projects, completing assignments and involving himself in group discussions/ studies from time to time.

Since, most students of Distance MBA education are working professionals, group study and online lecture timings are scheduled likewise – on Sundays or public holidays.

How to select the right institute for Distance Learning MBA Programs/ courses

Pursuing MBA from a reputed institute is a must. The name of the institute carries a lot of weightage, and hence, it is important to select a credible and reliable institute for your MBA.

Speak to people who have done MBA, get in touch with your college professors and discuss with them about your MBA plans and ask them to help you out. The best way of recognizing a good MBA institute – sign up with online student forums and post your queries!

Requisites for Distance MBA education/courses

Any student who is a graduate from a recognized university can apply for Distance learning MBA courses. Many universities have their own criteria of selection, which may include a written aptitude test/ and or a personal interview.

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