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Choosing Hospitality as a career 
  Author :  Aditya Desai,Pune      Monday, March 22, 2010  

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How does one know if they’re suited for a Career in Hospitality?

To be successful in a hospitality career, you need to essentially be a ‘people person’. That is, you should enjoy meeting different types of people on a daily basis and human interactions should leave you ‘charged’ not the reverse. If sounds like you then you may be meant for a career in Hospitality.

But, before you pass that resume or fill an application to undergo training, try to think carefully first if this kind of profession is really for you. Here are some points to ponder on to help you see the big picture more clearly.

Humility: Do you have it?

One very important thing you should remember with this type of work is that it is service oriented. You are the provider of the service. Thus, you should have humility towards the person you are serving. If you are the type of person that cannot lower your pride, then this would be a pretty tough ordeal for you. However, if you are the type who loves to serve and accommodate the needs of other people, this would be pretty easy on your part.

A perpetual smile

Being in this kind of profession would mean having a perpetual smile on your face throughout your working hours. You could never grunt or complain about work, especially in front of your guests. No matter how bad your day has been, you should be prepared to serve people with a smile.

Smiling is one way of being hospitable. It is also one good way to make people feel that they are welcome in a new place. So, if you think you can’t keep that smile plastered on your face even if you’re not in the mood, then this kind of job is not ideally for you.

Ready to work the graveyard shift?

Jobs in this field usually involve working in hotels, cafes, casinos and restaurants. All of which are establishments that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In most cases, you are not the one who will be setting your schedule but your manager.

Thus, you should be ready to work the graveyard shift. Schedules of working duty also vary. This is why you should also be prepared to adjust to whatever schedule was given to you. This doesn’t mean that you only adjust your daily schedule of activities. You should also be ready to adjust physically and mentally.

Goodbye holidays!

Holidays are the busiest time of the year for this industry. Hence, you should be prepared to give up your own holiday celebrations while you serve other people so that they can have their holiday vacation of a lifetime. This part of the job does not only affect you, but even also your family. Thus, they should also be prepared and be able to understand the nature of your job. In most cases, you would have to celebrate your holidays the next day after the real date.

Home away from home

Travelling is a part of most positions in this line of work. If you are working in a cruise/ airline setting, then you should be prepared to have your home away from home, which would be your ship or airplane. There are also tour guide positions in which you would sometimes be on tour for a number of days. You get to go home for about a day or so and you’ll be off on another tour once more.

Other personality requisites

Enjoying being among people is the first and foremost requirement to be able to chart a course of success in the hospitality industry. The job of a person serving in this field requires one to be people-friendly, adaptable, and energetic. Other traits that will come in handy include the ability to work in a team, problem-solving capabilities, and working in a customer-centric atmosphere. If the smiles on your guests’ satisfied faces make you forget all your difficulties – including the pressure of working on your feet for late hours without the weekends for yourself – you are probably tailor-made to suit this profession.

If you meet these requirements, then Hospitality industry careers can be some of the most rewarding and exciting career paths you can choose. It can take you places you have never thought about before. The industry can be glamorous and exciting and can offer you the chance to travel. You will have the opportunity to be in contact with hundreds of people on a daily basis. Each day will be different than the one before. click on the link for more details 

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