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PART 1-A                                 VERBAL COMPREHENSION
1.) Merry   =   c)  Gay
2.) To Heap =   a) to pile
3.) Cargo = d) Froight
4.) Misery = e) Distress
5.) Volume = b) Quantity
6.) To Hamper = b) to obstruct
7.) To Merit = c) to deserve
8.) BRIM = a) Border
9.) Tranquil = d) Serene
10.) To Renounce = b) to reject
11.) To Baffle = e) to frustrate
12.) Meager = c) scant
13.) Obstinate = c) Stubbern
14.) To Instigate = d)
15.) To Emancipate = a) to liberate
16.) To Hover = a) to linger
17.) Belief = d) Conviction
18.) To Stifle = e) to smother
19.) Discretion = a) Prudence
20.) To Alienate = b)to estrange
21.) To solicit = e)
22.) Potential = a) Talent
23.) To Veer = e) to diverge
24.) To Subside = d) to wane
25.) To Confiscate = d) to appropriate
26.) Caprise = c)Whim
27.) Adhesive  = e) Tenacious
28.) Latitude = a) Scope
29.) Inert = b) Passive
30.) To Covet = a) to crave
31.) To Efface = b)deliberate
32.) To Concur = a) to acquisce
33.) Furtive = c) Stealthy
34.) Incentive = d) Provocation
35.) Tolerant =d)
36.) Lethargy = e)Stupor
37.) To Admonish = b) to usurp
38.) Momentary = c) Transient
39.) Pretentious = b)obtentatious
40.) To Dispel = a) to dissipate.

PART 1-B                                         GENERAL REASONING

1.) If 2 articles cost 8 cents, how much would five articles cost
 d) 20 cents.
2.) A man was arrested for exceeding the spped limit of 10 miles an hour.
 A second man was charged with exceedind the same limit by twice as much.
 The second man was driving with 35 miles per hour. What was the speed
  b) 15 miles per hour
3.) A book keeper multiplied a number by 3 when it should have been
divided by 3.
The answer she got was 3. What should the answer have been.
 a) 1/3
4.) A man on motorcylcle rides 110 miles in 330 minutes .What is his
 speed in miles per hour.
5.) A stationary engine has enough fuel to run 12 hours when its tank is
 full. How long will it run when it is 1/3 full.
  e) 5 hours.
6.) The center of a storm shifts 45 miles in 2 hrs. At the same rate how
wold it take to move 60 miles.
 c) 2 2/3 hrs.
7.) A 3 galon mix. contains 1 part S and 2 parts R. In order to change it
to a
mix containing 25% S.How much R should be added.
 d) i gallon
8.) A bus left the station at 8.00 AM on an outgoing trip that covers 27
 After a 30 Min. stopover it returned. On the outgoing trip it averaged 50%
 faster. What time did it return to the station.
  b) 11.00 am
9.) A tree grows only 3/5 as fast as the one beside it. In four years the
 growth of the 2 trees is 8 feet.How much does the shorter tree grow in 2
  a) less than 2 feet.
10.) For a round tap, a car used 4 1/2 gallons of gasoline. If it used 1/4
gasoline going than coming back how much gasoline was used coming back.
 d) 2 gallons.
11.) A ocean liner L miles from port steams forward port at H miles per
Another leaves the same port and steams towards the ocean liner at 1 mile
 hour. How many miles away from the port will thay meet.
  c) Between I J. Closer to J.
12.) The lowest temp. during outgoing the night was 1/3 more than 1/2 high
the highest temp. during the day. The two temp. added together totalled
100 deg.
What was the lowest tem.
 b) 40 deg.
13.) A family planning a week end trip .Decided to spend not more than a
      of eight hours driving.by leaving early inthe morning they can
average 40 miles per
      hour on  the way to their destination.Due to the heavy sunday
traffic,they can average
      only 30 miles per hour on the return trip.What is the farthest
distance from home
      they can plan to go.
 b) Between 120 and 140 miles.
14.) Two workers load a truck in 24 min. One of the men alone can load it
in 40
min. How long will it take the other man to do the job alone.
 c) 60 minutes.
15.) A bulding D feet tall casts a snadow G feet long. How tall is a
bulding casts a shadow C feet long
 b) B feet

D. Organising the home can be perceived as conferring power, so large
numbers of women
     are unwilling to let go of chores,even when they have careers.A
survey found that,out of 65          new marriages,not one single wife
expected her husband to share work equally.According
       to the Family Policy Studies Centre, 81% of working wives return
home to do all the cooking.
      The average male has nearly half as much more tree time at weekends
than his wife and the         typical new father spends just 37 seconds a
day talking to his baby .      

    13. Most working wives     not expect their husbands to share chores
    14.The average wife gas hall as much free time at weekands all
her                .
    15. Some women collude in the unequal distribution of household work
because life want
         to retain control.
    16. 39% of all men with working do the cooking and all the cleaning.
  E.     Confucus sad  that to know the future we have to understand the
past.  In his time                        transport communications and
scentific knowleage were less developed                
       are today.      news took weeks to travel whereas today safelite
links conned the con
       virtually instantaneouslly, but our techological advances in the
field of communication
       seem not to have improved our capacity to understand one another.
       17.  In Confucius day people were more intelligent.
       18.  We understand each other better now than in Confucius time
because we can                travemore  quckly.
      19. We have made great improvements in transport since Confucius day.
      20.   none of our scientific discovenes has really improved our
 F.     Words in totararian systems have an unhealthy importance and in
such states now attempting to return to a more democratic normally there
has been a natural inevitable and healthy devaluation of words. Whereas
previously a single word used in a speed or even a play or poem,       
could be a serious pollitical event now the words come cheaper almost free
politics is polities  is polities again and poetry only poetry.

21.  totalitanan states devallue words.
22.  Only non-totalitarian regines produce poetry of political importance
23 Writers under totalitanan regines have to choose then words carefully
24 The democratic political system is healthier than any other

G.   Statistics show that millions of vehicles have been carried by
shuttle over the past 30 year
      through Allpine tunnels without one ever calclung lire.  In the
alpine tunnels driver and passengers sit in their vehicles on the shuttle
trains. Only one vehicle has ever caught fire on the
busy French motorail equivalent system this sort of accient is not
possible in a closed shuttle.
Assertions that a vehicle      will lead to calastrophe have no basis.
Since the resources exist to derect control and extinguish a lire and to
remove any persons present safety to an adjoining wagon, leaving any
surviving lire facing rapid extinction within a wagon built to contain
lire for 30 minutes. Calastrophe seems very unlikely.

26. If a car caught fire in a rail shuttle probably none would be killed
      at least one vehicle has caught lire in an alpine tunnel.
27. if a lire staarted in a wagon it would be allowed to burn itself out
in 30 minutes.
28, it would thoretically be possible for a car to catch lire in a closed
shuttle system.

H.  Every form of art is protected by copyright upon the experation of
which the properly passes into the public domain and becomes freely
available to anyone wishing to explan it commercially,
The time has come when all treasures should pass to the control of a
trust, and by this be made relity available to anyone on payment of a fee
or royality. The income from the words of lagore would alone be enormous.
Those who now gain financial beeft from his genus should make some
contribution to the welfare of the arts in general.

29. Tagore's plays are not protected by copyright.
30. Tagore's descendants should be asded to make some contribution to the
31. instead of of buying a ticket, theatregoers should pay a fee to a
trust for the behefit of te arts.
32.  More people could go to the theatre if copyright were abolished.

 I.  Hacking is a crime made possible by a relatively new technology,
which is one of the reasons dis often poorly understood and reported.  
Many computers, but by no means all are now linked together in networds
which allow users on one computer to communicate with others on the same
network.If a computer is not networked, no manipulaton of its data from
another machine is possible.  So long as users are authorised networking
is just a way of making work easier and more productive . Hacking on the
other hand is the unauthorised use of networks or unauthorised entry into
the computers themselves. Most people do not need to break into the
networks      use since they are already accedited users.

33. Most hackers are authorised to  break into networks.
34. Computers are only vulnerable to the unauthrised manipulation of their
data via another computer if they are networked.
35. the main reason why it is relatively easy to break into a computer is
that few people understand the technology.
36. Hackeers do not work for the firms whose netorks they break into

    J. Although invaders represent a threat to the conservation of flora
and fauna, there are two special cases in which invasions has been
deliberalely brought about, One is the desire to control
bests by natural predators. which mayhave to be brought in from other
countries.  The second
is releasing organisms into the wild (or on to larms from which they migt
esscape) that are completely novel, because they have been genetically
engineered. There is nothing ininnsically sinister about engineered
organism, but any novelly must be regarded as a potential invader.      
37.  Pest control does not threaten the conservation of flora and fauna.
38.  Genetically engineered organisms must always be regarded as
potentially dangerous.

K1_Natural predatorn are mare harmful than bests.
K2_Genefically engineered organinms escaped from the farm, they will be
pose a threat to wild life.

                 brectrones technology is coming to the rescue of
heticopters. which can be grounded or crash in icy conditions.  The
machicnes are especially vulnerable to the build-up of ice on both their
rotors and engine air intake when operating in cold, damo conditions. The
problem is twofold; ice increased the weight and the build-up makes the
aerofoils less efficient.  Now at last a detector has been devised which
the company hopes will mean safer flights and less frequest grounding.  
Unlike most devices in use at present it can detect the liquid water
content of cloud
above freezing level . so the warning is given before the potential hazard
is encountered.

 39. An electronic device has been invented which will prevent the build
up of ice on helicopter rotors.
40. Helicopters are sometimes grounded because in cold damp weather their
engine air intakes and rotors maltunction owing to the formation of ice.
41. Only one device can at present detect the liquid water content of
cloud above freezing level.
42.  in future fewer helicopters will crasn ,or have to be grounded.
  L.     Anyone who has systematically examinen faces will have perceived
a preponderance although not a proliteration of asymmetry.  Whether or not
the expression is volitional and self-controlled or spontaneous appears to
predict facial aymmetry, as does the type of the
emotion portrayed.  Positive emotord are usually displayed symmeincally
although a left-sided representation of a negative emtion is mo;re
common.  Poseo expressions and negative emotions are less likely to be
symmeincally represented, and where asymmetry occurs relative left-sided
expressivenee is the more common.

43.  An angry person os more likely to have a lopsided expression than
someome who is smiling .
44.  A deliberately assumed facial xpression will always be asymmetrical .
45. An actor is likely to smile symmetrically when acting.
46. more self-conscious people are likely is have less asymmetrical facial
expressions than those who are less aware of themselves.

  M.  Human existence is not susceptible of arbitary division between
consciousness and unconsciousess.  The conscious world invades and shapes
the activies of the unconscious while many of the  great advevements of
hunmanity 's waking hours were wholly or partly inspired by dreams.  Evven
if it could be argued that dreams precede expenence such a dichotomy could
not be drawn, as the influence of dreaming on the walking state would
remain unclear, but as yet no common vocabulary exists to record the
substance of pcenatal dreaming.

47. Sleep can be a creative state.
48 It is difficult to tell whether  a sleeper os dreaming or not.
49. If we knew what babres dream about they are bont, we could show that
the conscious and unconscious mind influence one ano;ther.
50 . It is untrue to claim that the conscious and unconscious words never
inpinge on one another.

(ans will be as yes/no/can't say)

for example
1> you will be interested in social activities.
2> while going upstairs you will move two steps at a time.
3> you will be making friendship with same sex or with opposite sex also.
4> your friends will consider u as a leader in your group
5> people think that your'e serious minded.
6> some times you feel dull without any reason.
7> your'e host or hostes for several parties.
8> relatives come to your house you will entertain them.
9> you will do work for longtime without tireness.
10> in your company you want lead the organasition.
etc..  the qwestions may repeate several times so becareful and give same