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PMT Sample Question 2007 MATH
l    By what least number must 217800 be multiplied in order to make it a perfect square?

         (a) 3                          (b) .2                   (c) 1                       (d) NONE OF THESE

    Ans: b

    2  A man undertakes to do a certain work/in 150 days. He employs 200 men. He finds that only a quarter of work is  done in 50 days. How many additional men should be employed so that the whole work may be finished in time?

        (a) 60 men                         (b) 70men                             (c) 100men                (d) NONE OF THESE

   Ans: c

4  If goods be purchased for Rs. 450and 1/3 rd be sold at a loss of 10 percent. At what gain (percent) should the

    remainder be sold so as to gain 20 percent on the whole transaction?

         (a) 20%                              (b) 25%                          (c) 35%                  (d) NONE OF THESE

    Ans: c

   5 What annual payment will discharge a debt of Rs.440due in 5 years - simple intrest being reckoned at 5 percent?

       (a) Rs.60                     (b) Rs.80                  (c) Rs.90                     (d) NONE OF THESE

    Ans: ??

  6 A and B can' do a piece of work: in 8 days. B and C in 10 days and C and A in 12 days respectively. All the three work  for 2 days. Find how much time will A take to. finish the remainder alone

     (a) days                             (b) 13 days                             (c)

days                    (d) NONE OF THESE

    Ans: c

   7 A can do a piece of work in 16 days. B in days and C in 32 days. All begin to do it together but A leaves after 4  days and B leaves 3 days before the completion of work. How long did the work last?

        (a) 10days                  (b) 9 days                    (c) 6 days                    (d) NONE OF THESE

   Ans: b

    8 A and B can do a piece of work in 12 days after working for 2 days they are assisted by C who works at the same rate as A, and the work is finished in 6 i days more; in how many days can B alone do the work?

       (a) 16days                    (b) 15days                      (c) 30days                 (d) NONE OF THESE

    Ans:  a

   9 Three years ago the average age of a family of 5 members was 17. A baby having been born, the average age of the family is same today. What is the age of the baby.

         (a) 3years                       (b) 2years                         (c) 2years                       (d) NONE OF THESE

    Ans: b

   I0 A boy multiplies a certain number by 637 and obtains166339as his answer. If both sixes are wrong and the other figures right, find the correct answer

           (a) 167339                      (b) 157339                       (c) 153739                   (d) NONE OF THESE

   Ans:  c

   l1 Divide Rs. 2000 among A, Band C so that A may get  Rs. 200 more than Band B Rs. 300 more than C

    (a) A = Rs.900 ; B = Rs.= 700 ; C = RS.4oo

    (b) A =Rs. 700; B = Rs = 900 ; C = Rs. 400

    (c) A = Rs. 400 ; B =Rs.900 ; C =Rs. 700

     Ans: b


Directions: From the following information answer the questions 12 and 13. The true length of a year is 365 days 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds. In every400 years there are 303 ordinary years and 97 leap years. .

    12 Find the amount of error introduced in this way of reckoning

         (a) 33 hours                      (b) 4 hours                    (c) 5hours                 (d) NONE OF THESE

   Ans: (a) No. of days in 400 years are 303 x 365 + 97 x 366 days =146097 days

                                                            No of days in 400 years

   days 365
   Hours 5
   mts 48
   seconds 45  400
                   Total 146096 days & 21 hours

         :. Difference = 3 hours .

 13 In how many years will there be a difference of 1 day?

        (a) 3100                           (b) 3200                     (c) 700                     (d) NONE OF THESE

   Ans: (b) Difference of 1 day in  = 3200 years

    14 Find thee greatest number which will divide 348, 534 and 596 leaving the remainder same in each case. .

        (a) 62                                 (b) 31                       (c) 72                      (d) NONE OF THESE

   Ans: (a)

15)  Five bells began to toll together and to respectively at intervals of

seconds. How  many times will they toll together in an hour

        (a) 2 times                        (b) 3 times                    (c) 4times                      (d) NONE OF THESE

   Ans: (b)

16) In an orchard 1/3 of the trees are orange trees, 1/3 are mangoes and the rest apple trees which are 91 in number. How  many trees are there of each kind?

         (a) Orange 39, mangoes 65                        (b) Orange 40, mangoes 64

        (c) Orange 65, mangoes 39                        (d) NONE OF THESE

   Ans:  (a)

17)  If 35 men working 8 hours a day can do a piece of work in 16days, how many hours a day must 40 men work to finish the work in 14 days?

          (a) 8 hours                         (b) 6 hours                         (c) 5 hours                        (d) NONE OF THESE

    Ans: (a)

18 ) 55 men can finish a piece of work in 42 days, how many additional men must be angaged to complete the work 9 days sooner?

          (a) 15                              (b) 16                       (c) 18                           (d) NONE OF THESE

   Ans: (a) The number of days decreases therefore the number of men will increase. Hence make the lesser number of days the first quantity the greater the second quantity and the given number of men the third quantity and keep the required number of

   men as the fourth quantity of a proportion.

   :. No. of men =  =  70

    Hence the number of extra men 70 - 55 = 15 Ans.

1) If 21 men can do a piece of work in 50 days in how many days will 35 men can do the same piece of work?

       (a) 25 days                     (b) 30 days                       (c) 20days                       (d) NONE OF THESE

   Ans:(b) . if the time is inversely proportional to the number of men employed :. 35 :21 : : 50 days: No. of days

                   = 30 days

2) The present population of a town is 14400 and the annual increase is 2.5 percent. What will be the population in 2  years?

     (a) 15000                          (b) 15129                        (c) 14028                     (d) NONE OF THESE

 3) A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs. 2,240 in two years and Rs. 2,600 in five years. What is the principal amount?

    (a) Rs. 2200                  (b) RS. 2000                       (c) Rs.3ooo                 (d) NONE OF THESE

  Ans:  a

4) What will be the amount payable after 2 years if Rs. 10,000 are borrowed at the rate of 10% compound interest?

     (a) 12000                     (b) 12100                            (c) 13100                        (d) NONE OF THESE

   Ans: b

   Directions : Q. 23-27. Study the following graph carefully and answer the questions given below it.

               No. of Branches of five Banks in Urban and Rural Areas


 5) What is the  total number of rural branches of all the five banks together?