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Numerical Ability PAPER - 7

*One clock ringes 7 O'clock in 7 sec.In how many seconds it will  ring 10 O'clock.

              (ans 10.5 sec)

*One watch is showing 30 past 3 .What is the angle between minutes & hours hand?

                (ans 75 degrees)

*Two pipes can fill a tank in 10 1nd 12 hours while third pipe will make the tank   empty in 20 hours.If all three pipes operate simultaneously,in how many hours the  tank will be filled ?

Ans.7hours 30 minutes.


 *Diameter of a beaker is 7cm. Mambler(some instrument)dia is 1.4cm.How many mamblers has to be put to increase the water level by 5.6cm.

*The average of 4 consecutive even numbers is 27. What is the largest    number?

                (ans 30)

*One ball was dropped from 8ft height and every time it goes half of the height. How much distance it will travell before coming to rest.


(ans 24 approximately)

*Two trains are travelline at equilateral .Train A is traveling in the direction of earths spin.Other train B is travelling in opposite direction of earths spin.Which trains wheels will wear first?and why?

        (ans TRAIN B .Because of less centrifugal force.)

*  6*12*15 is the volume of some material.How many cubes can be inserted into that?


*Cost of an item is x. It's value increases by p% and decreases by p%Now the new value  is 1 rupee, what is the actual value.


*A right circular cylinder and a cone are there.Base radius of cone is equal to radius

* falling height is proportional to square of the time. one object falls 64cm in 2sec than in 6sec from how much height the object will fall.
* gavaskar average in first 50 innings was 50 . after the 51st innings his average was 51 how many runs he made in the 51st innings

*Distance between two poles is 50 meters.A train goes by 48 kmph in one minute.How many  poles will be crossed by the train.

*A pole seen from a certain distance at an angle of 15 degrees and 100 meters ahead by 30 degrees. What is th height of pole.

*15 people--each has to pay Rs.20.. 20 people--each has to pay Rs.18.. for 40 people—how much has to pay ?

*salary is 's' per month,'x'% of salary is given as bonus, if 3 months salary is s1,s2 & s3 then what is his salary.

ans:s1*x/100 + s2*x/100 + s3*x/100

103)consider expresion 'ab' . what happens when 'a' is divided by 'c' & 'b' is   multiplied by 'c'.

ans:value remains same.

* if p=2q then q=r*r,if p-odd then q is even,whether we decide r is even or odd ?

choices:a)first condition is sufficient

        b)second condition is sufficient

        c)both are sufficient

        d)both are not sufficient

* What is the value of m given that

   i) m is devided by 2
  ii) m is devided by 5

Ans: none of these

* If he sells 40 magoes, he will get the selling price of 4 mangoes extra, What is his % increse in profit ?

 Ans: 25%

* 100 glasses are there. A servant has to supply glasses to a person If he supplies the glasses without any damage he will et 3 paise otherwise he will loose 3 paise.At the end of supplying 100 glasses if he gets 270 paise, how many glasses were supplied safely.

Ans: 95

* distance D=rt where r & t are +ve and r is constant,as t increses then    D_________

ans:D increses irrespective of r & t

* E=I*I*R what is the effect of E when I becomes I/2

ans:1/4E(E decreses by 4 times)

* out of 55 eggs 5 are defective. what is % of defective eggs


* area of triangle=1/2*b*h base incresed by 4 times & height is devided by 2, the net effect of area.

ans:twice the the original area.

* 1/8 is devided by 's' , if 's' is incresed by 2 times, what is the result.

ans:increses two times.

section 2.  letter series

    1. a c b d f e g i __    ans: h

    2. x y z u v w r s t __  ans: o

    3. a c f j o __        ans:u

 section 3.   numerical ability

  1. 10099+99=10198

  2. 31 - 29+2/33=__   ans:64/33

  3. 2.904+0.0006=___  ans: 2.9046

  4. 55/1000=___     ans:.005

  5. 0.799*0.254= 0.202946

  6. 200/7*5.04=144

  7. 842.8 +602=1444.8

  8. 5.72% of 418= 23.9096

  9. 625% of 7.71=48.1875

 10. 25% of 592=148.00

 11. 665+22.9=687.9

 12. 15% of 86.04=12.906

* in base representation for a rupee 100 paise,then base 8

representation   what is rupee value .


* A>B,B>C,C=D,D>E,then which is greatest

  a)A/B  b) A/C  c) A/E d)none

ans: c

* to travel 'm' miles the time is 'h' hours,then what is the time taken to   travel M miles.


* a sum 's' is devided into 4 parts.second person gets Rs 10 more than
  first.3rd person is Rs 10 more than second, 4th is 10 more than 3rd.
  how much amount do 1st person get.


* fridge cost R Rs,cover value is 5,discount d% then its new cost