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GATE Download Information Technology Question Papers
GATE Download Information Technology  Question Papers
Information Technology papers 01 Questions And Answers No. Question  
1  A subnet has been assigned a subnet mask of What is the maximum  number of hosts that can belong to this subnet?  
Options  A) 14  B) 30  
C) 62  D) 126  
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Correct Answer  C  
2  Which one of the following is NOT shared by the threads of the same process ?  
Options  A) Stack  B) Address Space  
C) File Descriptor Table  D) Message Queue  
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Correct Answer  A  
3  The following C function takes two ASCII strings and determines whether one is an anagram of the other. An anagram of a string s is a string obtained by permuting the letters in s.

int anagram (char *a, char *b){
int count [128], j;
for (j = 0;j < 128; j++) count[j] = 0;
j = 0;
while (a[J] && b[J]){
for (j = 0;j < 128; j++) if(count[j]) return 0;
return 1;
Choose the correct alternative for statements A and B.  
Options  A) A : count [a[j]]++and B : count[b[j]]-  B) A : count [a[j]]++and B : count[b[j]]++  
C) A : count [a[j++]]++and B : count[b[j]]-  D) A : count [a[j]]++and B : count[b[j++]]-  
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Correct Answer  A  
4  Let M = (K, å , d , s, F) be a finite state automaton, where
K = {A, B},  å  = {a, b}, s = A, F = {B},
d (A, a) = A, d (A, b) = B, d (B,a) = B and d (B, b) = A
A grammar to generate the language accepted by M can be specified as G = (V, å , R, S), where V = K  È  S, and S = A
Which one of the following set of rules will make L(G) = L(M) ?  
Options  A) {A ®  aB, A ® bA, B ® bA, B ® aA, B ® e }  B) {A ® aA, A ® bB, B ® aB, B ® bA, B ® e }  
C) {A ® bB, A ® aB, B ® aA, B ® bA, B ® e }  D) {A ® aA, A ® bA, B ® aB, B ® bA, A ® e }  
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Correct Answer  B  
5  Which one of the following regular expressions is NOT equivalent to the regular expression (a + b + c)* ?  
Options  A) (a* + b* + c*)*  B) (a*b*c*)*  
C) ((ab)* + c*)*   D) (a*b* + c*)*  
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  C  
6  Let G be a weighted undirected graph and e be an edge with maximum weight in G. Suppose there is a minimum weight spanning tree in G containing the edge e. Which of the following statements is always TRUE?  
Options  A) There exists a cutset in G having all edges of maximum weight.  B) There exists a cycle in G having all edges of maximum weight.  
C) Edge e cannot be contained in a cycle.  D) All edges in G have the same weight.  
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  C  
7  A software organization has been assessed at SEI CMM Level 4. Which of the following does the organization need to practice beside Process Change Management and Technology Change Management in order to achieve Level 5 ?  
Options  A) Defect Detection  B) Defect Prevention  
C) Defect Isolation   D) Defect Propagation  
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  B  
8  A CPU has only three instructions II, 12 and 13, which use the following signals in time steps T1-T5:
I1 :  T1: Ain, Bout, Cin
      T2: PCout, Bin
      T3: Zout, Ain
      T4: PCin, Bout
      T5: End
I2 :  Tl: Cin, Bout, Din
      T2: Aout,Bin
      T3: Zout, Ain
      T4: Bin, Cout
      T5: End
I3 :  Tl: Din, out
      T2: Din,Bout
      T3: Zout, Ain
      T4: Dout,Ain
      T5: End
Which of the following logic functions will generate the hardwired control for the signal Ain?  
Options  A) T1.I1 + T2.I3 + T4 . I3 + T3  B) (T1 + T2 + T3) . I3 + T1.I1  
C) (T1 + T2 ) . I1 + (T2 + T4) . I3 + T3  D) (T1 + T2 ) . I2 + (Tl + T3) . I1+ T3  
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  A  
9  Suppose that two parties A and B wish to setup a common secret key (D-H key) between themselves using the Diffle-Hellman key exchange technique. They agree on 7 as the modulus and 3 as the primitive root. Party A chooses 2 and party B chooses 5 as their respective secrets. Their D-H key is  
Options  A) 3  B) 4  
C) 5  D) 6  
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  C  
10  Consider the following message M = 1010001101. The cyclic redundancy check (CRC) for this message using the divisor polynomial x 5 + x 4 + x 2 + 1 is :  
Options  A)
 B) 01011  
C) 10101  D) 10110  
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  C  
11  Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding a bridge  
Options  A) Bridge is a layer 2 device
 B) Bridge reduces collision domain  
C) Bridge is used to connect two or more LAN segments  D) Bridge reduces broadcast domain  
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  D  
12  What is the availability of a software with the following reliability figures?
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) = 25 days
Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) = 6 hours  
Options  A) 1%   B) 24%
C) 99%  D) 99.009%
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  B  
13  In a population of N families, 50% of the families have three children, 30% of the families have two children and the remaining families have one child. What is the probability that a randomly picked child belongs to a family with two children?  
Options  A) 3  
 B) 6  
C) 3  
 D) 3  
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  B  
Options  A)  B)  
C)  D)  
Your Answer     ( Right Answer )  
15  A student wishes to create symbolic links in a computer system running Unix. Three text files named “file 1”, “file 2” and “file 3” exist in her current working directory, and the student has read and write permissions for all three files. Assume that file 1 contains information about her hobbies, file 2 contains information about her friends and file 3 contains information about her courses. The student executes the following sequence of commands from her current working directory
In -s file 1 file 2  
In -s file 2 file 3
Which of the following types of information would be lost from her file system?

(I) Hobbies (II) Friends (III) Courses
Options  A) (I) and (II) only  B) (II) and (III) only  
C) (II) only  D) (I) and (III) only  
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  B  
16  A channel has a bit rate of 4 kbps and one-way propagation delay of 20 ms. The channel uses stop and wait protocol. The transmission time of the acknowledgement frame is negligible. To get a channel efficiency of at least 50%, the minimum frame size should be  
Options  A) 80 bytes  B) 80 bits  
C) 160 bytes  D) 160 bits  
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  D  
17  Consider an XML file called intro.xml and a document type defintion (DTD) file intro. dtd as follows:
<?xml version = "1.0"?>

Welcome to XML


  A validating parser will classify intro.xml as  
Options  A) Well-formed and validated  B) Well-formed but not validated  
C) Validated but not well-formed   D) Neither validated not well-formed  
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  A  
18  In an inventory management system implemented at a trading corporation, there are several tables designed to hold all the information. Amongst these, the following two tables hold information on which items are supplied by which suppliers, and which warehouse keeps which items along with the stock-level of these items.
Supply = (supplierid, itemcode)
Inventory = (itemcode, warehouse, stocklevel)
For a specific information required by the management, following SQL query has been written
Select distinct STMP supplierid
From Supply as STMP
Where not unique (Select ITMP . supplierid
From Inventory, Supply as ITMP
Where STMP . supplierid = ITMP . supplierid
And ITMP . itemcode = Inventory . itemcode
And Inventory . warehouse = ‘Nagpur');
For the warehouse at Nagpur, this query will find all suppliers who  
Options  A) do not supply any item  B) supply exactly one item  
C) supply one or more items   D) supply two or more items  
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  D  
19  In a depth-first traversal of a graph G with n vertices, k edges are marked as tree edges. The number of connected components in G is  
Options  A) k  B) k+1  
C) n-k-l  D) n-k  
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  C  
20  Which of the following statements is TRUE about CSMA/CD  
Options  A) IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN runs CSMA/CD protocol  B) Ethernet is not based on CSMA/CD protocol  
C) CSMA/CD is not suitable for a high propagation delay network like satellite network  D) There is no contention in a CSMA/CD network  
Your Answer     ( Not Answered )  
Correct Answer  C